Archive: March, 2012

Proper Brochure Design for the Enrollment Office

Posted on 03/27/12 by robsmith No Comments

Probably the biggest pet peeve I have is a confusing brochure design. Yes, I have produced inadequate pieces in the distant past, but learned from my mistakes. Proper brochure design can come from many areas: other schools, a designer, past designs, etc. The key is to ensure the layout makes sense and produces the message […]

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Is the College Viewbook Dead?

Posted on 03/01/12 by robsmith No Comments

I read an article in the Chronicle last week entitled, “For Courting Students, Glossy Viewbooks Lose Luster.” There is a lot of wisdom in this statement as many progressive enrollment professionals have thought and said the same thing. The college viewbook has needed an overhaul for years, but I’m not convinced that it needs be […]

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