Developing targeted communications

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A marketing professor of mine at Eastern Illinois University pounded the idea into our heads when discussing a product or service: “What is the Target Market.”  At the time we were sick of hearing this phrase by the end of the semester, but this idea stuck.  This is Marketing 101 and common sense, but sadly […]

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Proper Etiquette At Recruitment Fairs

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If you are in an undergraduate environment, a college fair is usually a great opportunity to see a lot of students (and parents) in a short amount of time.  If you are recruiting for graduate students the opposite is usually the case.  I have attended hundreds of fairs over the years and have come to […]

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Connecting with Advisors & Guidance Counselors

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Depending on what environment you are recruiting from, you should establish a very good relationship with the individuals who have the most contact with your target audience. In an undergraduate environment, the guidance counselor is usually the gate keeper for information. Some counselors take the extra step to inform their student charges on the next […]

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Proper Brochure Design for the Enrollment Office

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Probably the biggest pet peeve I have is a confusing brochure design. Yes, I have produced inadequate pieces in the distant past, but learned from my mistakes. Proper brochure design can come from many areas: other schools, a designer, past designs, etc. The key is to ensure the layout makes sense and produces the message […]

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Is the College Viewbook Dead?

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I read an article in the Chronicle last week entitled, “For Courting Students, Glossy Viewbooks Lose Luster.” There is a lot of wisdom in this statement as many progressive enrollment professionals have thought and said the same thing. The college viewbook has needed an overhaul for years, but I’m not convinced that it needs be […]

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UPenn and the Likely Letter Video – What An Awesome Idea!

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A recent tradition at the University of Pennsylvania is the “Likely Letter.” This is a great way to invite a specific group of applicants to join the ranks of all other incoming freshmen. I absolutely love it. From the Daily Pennsylvanian: In particular, the Office of Admissions focused its likely campaign this year on students […]

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Recruitment Strategies for Your Admissions Staff

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When your recruiters fan out to high schools, colleges or other prospective student events, how do they present themselves? What does the display look like? Is it inviting to the prospective student? The representative must be engaging and gregarious, but do the marketing materials tell your whole story? I have modified a recent blog post […]

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Is Customer Service Dead?

Posted on February 7, 2012 by robsmith No Comments

Is customer service dead? We have all had bad experiences with call centers and unknowledgeable sales people. Simply go into any major department store chain and ask about a product. The blank stare from the employee will tell you the whole story. I bought a new iMac this week and wanted to connect my stand-alone […]

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10 Key Inbound Marketing Strategies for Enrollment Professionals

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One of my favorite bloggers is Jeff Bullas. I like the links and the information he presents. Below is a discussion about Strategies To Make Your Website an Inbound Online Marketing Machine. I liked the list so much I decided to post this nearly intact, but I did edit the article for space. You can […]

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Are Your Recruiters Really Doing Their Best?

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How are your reps doing with potential students? Do they express genuine interest or do they seem disengaged? Are they doing all they can to cultivate a relationship with the student? I managed a recruiting staff for over a decade and always hoped that my recruiters were properly interacting with students. Fortunately, I had several […]

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