Why do I need a consultant to tell me how to do my job?
That’s a great question and most enrollment professionals have uttered the exact same phrase. The real truth is that most Enrollment managers are very creative type A personalities and we like to think we know how to effectively and efficiently promote our organizations. Like proofreading a brochure or pamphlet, a second set of eyes (and opinions) is always helpful in disseminating the right information to your target audience.

Why don’t you charge by the hour like many other consultants?
Like you, we are always looking for the best possible advice for a reasonable cost. Part of our customer service for a job includes outlining exactly what is to be accomplished with the project and delivering those results within the agreed upon schedule. If the scope of the project changes, the cost changes – simple as that.

What is your experience in Educational Marketing?
Our team has many years of successful experience in Higher Education marketing.

I’m not looking to revamp my whole marketing approach.
No problem. Most of the time things are working fine. Why scrap the car if the tire is flat? The same goes for your institution. Times change and student’s change – staying one step ahead of your competitors is a key to increased enrollment (and better students!).