Consulting Services

Let’s face it, recruiting students is not rocket science or brain surgery, but it is a science all it’s own. Most enrollment professionals have a good grasp of what they want to do and the students they want to target, but don’t always have the time to implement all the plans.

The Admissions Guy has experience in working with large, small, public and private institutions. We have the extended resources and the professional contacts to assist you with your enrollment goals.
Let us take on your greatest challenges, implement the plan and make you look good in the process!

Marketing Campaign Development

Your marketing campaign needs to reflect the campus community, program offerings and advantages. This will move the prospective student to an enrolled student.

Communication Strategy

We will help determine the optimal strategy to recruit the right students through research, experience, and expertise.

Recruitment Strategy

We look at your current initiatives and determine the best way to utilize them. We will also introduce possible additions or improvements to this plan.

Inquiry/Applicant Development

We can evaluate your procedures, work within your criteria and establish strategies to maximize your yield.

Data Mining

Many institutions produce a wealth of data that remains locked in their inquiry database. We will help identify the right information to affect your enrollment.


We can evaluate your current training protocol and offer possible additions to your plan of action.

Recruiting Services

Ever have a need to be at two (or more) events at the same time? The recruiting season is short. There are always too many events, and not enough personnel. Our “Rent A Recruiter” service allows you to expand your influence without adding staff.